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"Corry Loveday is a songwriter with a voice that pulls at your gut,
lyrics that capture your ear, and songs with an observant, honest
charm you are unlikely to forget." 

Corry grew up in a small town outside of Troy, New York. As a kid
he would sit on his grandmother’s stairway to listen to her play
works of Bach and Beethoven on her every so slightly out of tune
upright piano. At seven years old Corry stacked pillows on his
neighbor's piano bench to reach the keys for his weekly lessons.
By seventeen he was writing songs, drawing influence from Sting
and John Mayer, Robert Frost and Norah Jones. He began
performing at Cafe Lena's open mic in Saratoga Springs New York,
and now has played at venues all along the east coast such as
Madam's Organ in D.C. and Silvana's and Pianos of NYC. 

Corry graduated from SUNY Purchase's Music Conservatory
with his BFA in Music Composition and Songwriting. His songs
are about the quirky moments when we fall in love, the imaginary
stories of strangers on a train, or calls for action with a political
voice. He fuses elements of rock/pop, contemporary jazz, and
Soul/R&B to create a deep, diverse repertoire. 

"Corry's rich, soulful music would be great for a long road trip"
- (Ted Piltzecker, jazz composer)

Upcoming Shows

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Interested in a private house show in your home? 

Here's how it works: 

  • Provide a space (any space with an electrical outlet) in which I can fit myself and my shiny red keyboard
  • Gather at least fifteen friends, family, music lovers, (pets)
  • Concerts are an hour long
  • Sit back and enjoy, and hang out after

Contact me with any questions regarding availability and show details!

Corry's Stories (My Blog :)

Puerto Rico 

In early March my Aunt Lili told me that she and her friend from Puerto Rico were looking for a group of six volunteers to fly down to the island to help with the hurricane relief effort. Without needing any convincing, two weeks later my best friend, (producer/engineer of my upcoming album) Nate and I headed down to San Juan. While we were there, several friends came to meet up with us at various times during the trip. We worked with many different organizations such as Para La Naturaleza, Eye on the…

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